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We publish news for 30sec news application published on Google Play Store.We show 30 seconds crisp news of headline and full video on swipe left.The main motto of app is to show news in short of 30 seconds duration.There are different categories on app like Politics,Sports,General etc.There is swipe left or full video view for users to see entire video.The information collected is from YouTube.com and from top news channels like BBC,HindustanTimes,Deccan Chronicle and many other from YouTube.com.The only source we aggregate news is from YouTube.com.We are aggregator app.We do not publish our own content.The content we publish is from youtube and curated by team.We take absolutely take care that no false news is publish.

App Name :30sec

App Package : com.bytelogs.sec30

Ownership information :-

*Organization name: Bytelogs

*Address: SCR – 22,Market Area, Mandamarri, Mancherial, Telangana,India,504231

*Contact details : EMail : bytelogs@gmail.com | Mobile : 8977725255

*Website: https:www.bytelogs.com

*Privacy:30sec- Privacy Policy – Bytelogs

*Terms and condition:30sec – Terms and Conditions – Bytelogs

* Source of New collect : YouTube.com with different channels like TV9 News,BBC,HindustanTimes and many more youtube channels.