SQL – Database:

The built-in SQL Databas makes sites on this platform load faster and so simplifies the development process

Open Proxy Support :

Browse and interact ZeroNet sites without downloading them ZeroNet sites can be accessed without internet too.

Encryption :

ZeroNet uses the same encryption method used in bitcoin transaction.Thus content and files on Zeronet are very secured.

What is Play?

The first website that has popped up on this decentralized network is ‘Play’. A simple but visually appealing magnet link hosting website welcomes you with a whole lot of movies and their YouTube trailer links. Now, you might be thinking this platform will propel the pirate ships at higher speeds which would contribute to legal obligations against ZeroNet. But the story is quite different in this book, ZeroNet breaks no legal barriers as it itself is not involved in any pirate activity. Websites like Play are hosted by the users and are prone to lawsuit actions, but it would be a tough job to bring a countless number of users into the witness box.
Anonymity is another major concern that needs to be taken into consideration. While ZeroNet itself doesn’t offer you any shield but you can hide behind a Virtual Private Network or use ZeroNet plus TOR combination to remain anonymous.
Back in 2014, Bittorrent Inc. announced similar project named Maelstrom. The primary aim of the project was to build an Internet truly powered by people, one that lowers barriers and denies gatekeepers their grip on our future.