When you search for How to Unsubscribe email newsletters you might have found to click on Unsubscribe link at the button of every email newsletter and thus you are unsubscribed.Let’s say you have too many subscriptions,and to click on unsubscribe button at the bottom of every subscription is like hell.To sort out this problem,I have found a website where you can unsubscribe to email newsletters and you even filter them only think you require is to sign in with Gmail account and approve the permissions to get the list of email subscription to be displayed on the website.Now you can click unsubscribe button on many(bulk subscriptions).Unroll.me is the website where you can unsubscribe to any social networks like Youtube subscriptions,Email subscriptions etc.All you have to do is sign in with Google account and allow the permission and subscribe to email newsletters.

Step 1: Go to www.unroll.me and  sign up with Google email(Gmail) and approve the permissions.

Step 2:Now you will have a screen with list of email subscriptions and click on Unsubscribe button.