Gmail has offered experimental feature to unsend the email you have sent.Gmail said that most of the emails sent are misdirected by the gmail account holder.Unsend Option enables you to undo sent email.

How To ‘Unsend’ A Sent Message On Gmail.
  • First, log in to your Gmail account on your computer.
  • Go to the little cog icon in the upper right hand corner and select “Settings.”
  • About a third of the way down the page you’ll see the “Undo Send” section.
How To 'Unsend' A Sent Message On Gmail

  • Click the check box to Enable Undo Send.
  • Click the drop-box to set the Send cancellation period, meaning the number of seconds you have to prevent the email from being sent. You can choose 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.
How to 'unsend' a sent email from your Gmail account
  • Make sure you hit “Save Changes” at the bottom and you’re all set.
Gmail’s Undo Send feature works differently in that it actually waits to send your email, giving you a certain amount of time to change your mind and prevent it from being sent. But you have to be quick, as Gmail gives you only a specific number of seconds to halt your email.

How to Undo sent emails in Gmail?

  • Click the Compose button at the upper left corner of your Gmail account page.
  • Compose a message and then click the Send button.
  • At the top of the screen, you’ll see a message that says: “Your message has been sent. Undo. View Message.”
How to undo sent emails in Gmail
  • To prevent the message from being sent, click the Undo link.
  • Gmail stops the message from going out and displays it in case you wish to make any changes and then resend it. If not, you can simply close the message, and it’s relegated to your Drafts folder where you can keep it or delete it.
Recall or replace an email message that you sent