How To See Who Has Read Your Messages in WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp, the most popular chatting messenger has been upgraded with many features recently after Facebook has bought it. Currently, billions of people are using WhatsApp and majority of them are from India only as per the reports says. This is all because of the compact size, faster message sending service, privacy protection, almost free- even if you don’t pay them, they’ll extend the expiry date, media sending with multiple formats like photos, videos and songs. We have seen that now WhatsApp can have more number of persons in a group chat, a better Privacy control like hiding your last seen, profile picture, status and other things. And this trick which I’m gonna share here is  working and tested by me. I don’t know if this was added recently or existed even before 2014. Recently when I was chatting in a group, I had shared my referral link and just to check even if anyone tried it, I was trying to track it and finally I found the easiest method to see who has read your sent message on WhatsApp while having group chat. Like Facebook, WhatsApp doesn’t have read by system, but it just has two and single ticks which indicates the delivery of messages. While thinking how to find this, I had this in my mind that WhatsApp, such a big company would have provided us with an option by which we can see how much people and who has read our text/image content because this is from the biggest social networking website Facebook which has the same feature. Finally I found the trick to see this. Actually it’s not a trick or something, but something which you have ignored while having chatting. I know this is not an easy task because commons won’t come to know about it. Okay, just giving you a hint: Just try to delete your message which you have sent in the group. While trying to do so, you will come to know about this and believe me you will love this feature of WhatsApp. 

Step 1: Open WhatsApp from your application drawer.
Step 2 :Now tap on any group in which you want to see who has read your message
Step 3:Scroll up to the your message of which you want to see the details.
Step 4:Tap and hold on it for a while till it get’s selected.
Step 5:Click on the button which means information.
 Step 6:Now a new window will open with Message info where you could    see Read by and Delivered to.