Let’s say you have Whatsapp Group with many members when you reply to a particular message from one of the members other members will chat in the group with high fast speed.Whatsapp Groups these are causing the misunderstanding with high-speed chatting.To sort out this problem of misunderstanding in Whatsapp groups,Whatsapp has updated with new feature called ‘Reply’ in Whatsapp Groups.
      If you’ve ever fallen victim to being misunderstood for saying “Old” in reference to a joke your aunt shared in the family Whatsapp group, but your cousin took offence because she mistook it as your reply for a selfie she shared at the same time, asking everyone “How do I look?”, this new Whatsapp feature is a godsend for you.
Step 1:Update Your Whatsapp App and select WhatsApp Group you want to try out on.
Step 2:Tap and Hold the message you want to reply to in Whatsapp Groups.
Step 3:Tap on ‘Reply Icon’ on top bar of app and type in the message send.