With iOS 9.1 release iOS has update unicode standard new emojis to os. Android has not updated emojis with 41 new emojis released according to Unicode standard.Android may include new emojis released from Unicode on Marshmallow but for people who require new emojis which are updated on Apple’s iOS 9.1 can actually read this short tutorial.

Step 1:Download this flashable emoji  files of 61 MB.  Link 1  –  Link 2

Step 2: Copy or transfer it to android mobile’s internal storage.

Step 3:If you on stock android os ROM press and hold volume up key and power botton you will be directed to recovery mode select ‘update’ option from given option and select the file of iOS 9.1 emojis on internal storage and wait for OS to install iOS 9.1 emojis.

If your are on other ROMs try googling ‘how to flash files on android’ or ‘how to flash ROM on android’.ROM flashing similar to emoji flashing but the thing is assume downloaded ROMs as emoji files and flash it.Produce of flashing ROMs on Android is similar This Emoji flashing

File Source :XDA Developers..

How To Flash iOS 9.1 New Update Emojis On Android.