In Indian people have slow speed internet connection so this trick can be useful.Here we have website which is  a social networking site.On this site, they offer you 500 Mbps speed for browsing.Basically, they have a system with firefox browser installed on it.You can use only firefox browser but not any other browser or application on it.Literally they are providing you a virtual internet connection.With this website, you can watch or browse any site on the web.


  • You can interact with friends on chat which they provide.
  • Have a high-speed internet connection.
  • Browse web unlimited.
  • Watch Netflix,Hulu,Hotstar and Youtube which require a high-speed internet connection.


  • Even though offer you high-speed internet connection when you download it’s not downloaded on your physical computer but the virtual one.You can upload it to dropbox or any other cloud drive.
  • The quality of screencast on is not up to the mark.
You can use in a situation where you require a high-speed internet connection like skype video chat,Uploading something to cloud which is not possible with your connection.

How To Use To Get High-Speed Internet Connection.

Step 1:Sign up on website.
Step 2:Select ‘My Room’ After sign up on the top right drop down when you click on your profile.

Step 3:Then select ‘Message’ option.
Step 4:Select ‘Decide to watch’ option.
Step 5:Now you will be having the option to watch  Netflix,Hulu or enter the address  and browse the internet.