As we know Hyderabad is getting street view for first city in India,you can create street view to small area around you eg:grounds, markets,small areas.Here am going to give tutorial on how to create your own street view to small area around you.
Step 1: Select a small area which you want to have street view.Go to that area and take paranormal shots in 360 degrees.
           First of all, take a paranormal shot of top i.e., sky, rotate yourself from a point with your mobile camera (HD)
           Secondly take a paranormal shot of medium level things i.e., horizon level.
           Lastly take a paranormal shot of bottom level things i.e., land etc.You can try this at indoor conditions too.           
Step 2: Goto login into account with google account and upload those photos you took at the area you chose.Google detects the location of photo graph and connects/integrate with the same area.Here is the photo graphs which my friend as upload to Panoramio.
Step 3 : Goto the area which was shot with your mobile camera on normal google maps and try street view by drag and droping street view icon on bottom left corner like this below.
Here is the product obtain after above steps street view of my village mandamarri on my friend’s panoramio pra.
Thats it have Fun.