When you have too many messaging apps like Whatsapp,Messenger,Hike  and many other IM’s ,you feel uncomfortable replying all IMs,switching one app to other.Keeping this in mind developers of Disa.im made this app.Disa is app which integrates or combines messaging apps into one app so that you can reply to messages in one app without switching one app to other.Disa is currently available only on android.iOs version this app will be comming soon.

             With Disa app you are not required to download all individual app like whatsapp,messenger,hike etc.This save you lot of memory as each IM app is of 30-45 MB.Disa has bunch of  plugins for each IM.You just need to download respective plugins for each IMs like Whatsapp plugin for whatsapp,Messenger plugin for messenger etc.Giving you the instructions to How to Combined/Integrate All Messaging Apps & IMs into Single App.

Step 1: Download this app Disa on play store.
Step 2:Tap  on top right corner icon with 3 dots and enter into setting.
Step 3:You will be able to see ‘Add Service’ button,tap on it to add IM plugins.
Step 4:Now you will find available IM plugins for each and every IM like Whatsapp plugin,facebook plugin,Tap on it and download.
Step 5:Restart the app and tap rounded + icon on button right corner of app to make a message.