How To Stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Data With Facebook.

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As per new policy, whatsapp is sharing your contact with Facebook.We know Whatsapp is acquired by facebook back in 2014.After

How To Reply To A Particular Message In Whatsapp Groups

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Let’s say you have Whatsapp Group with many members when you reply to a particular message from one of the

How To Get Whatsapp Video Calling Feature Now

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Most awaited Whatsapp Video Calling feature is now live. Whatsapp free video chat feature is updated on Whatsapp Beta app

How To Share Large Files On Whatsapp

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Hey people,This is Jeevan Deshmukh back with another article.I am going give a tutorial or how to tip on how

How To Edit Sent Whatsapp Messages & Fool Your Friends

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I often wonder to modify whatsapp conversations and fool my friend but this is out now.Giving you tutorial on how