Hey people,here we go..giving you 10 unique best usefull google chrome extensions.

Top 1. Arc Welder
Arc Welder converts android app apk file into crx file to use crx file on  google chrome.This means you can now use your android apps on google chrome and chromebooks.Arc Welder only converts apk files into crx file  and we have to enable developers settings and load converted package on to google chrome.
CrxMouse chrome Gestures is like gesture support on mobile phone here draw gesture using mouse and chrome will react to gestures.You can set which gesture you want to use to reload,forward-backward and gesture m for opening gmail etc.
As the name you can float youtube player on google chrome and place it where you want to.
This allows you to open doc,doc, ppt, xls, pdf, epub, zip, rar and about 500 other types of files directly in your browser.
Similar to Adblocker plus blocks web ads on webpages Adblocker for youtube blocks video ads and in-video ads.
Best feature about on Advanced Start Page is that you get notification of social networks like facebook,twitter,google+ right on start tab on google chrome.
Announcify speaks or reads the content or text availble on webpage so that we can hear it without reading.
Google Tone helps you to share links  between near by devices by sound.This means extension will generate respect sound with link and near by device can hear it and thus links are shared.
Similar to software this extension will be able to capture chrome.You can screen cast with this.

This is automation tool used to do bulk operation facebook lioke post to hundrends of groups,unliking pages at a time etc.